No matter what career you are interested in, more than likely having a Bachelor’s Degree will give you an advantage over other candidates. 

Common practice today, especially with larger Fortune 500-type companies, is that they strongly consider applicants with degrees over those who do not have one.  Although it is not mandatory, it is highly preferred. 

Now more than ever, people are going to school, for an abundant of reasons.  The programs provided by online colleges and universities include traditional and new opportunities. 

You can now obtain your Bachelor’s Degree online with absolute ease.  How?  First, conduct research regarding colleges and universities that offer online degrees, and then zero in on those offering courses in your specific area of interest. 

For example, if you are interested in becoming a paralegal, do some thorough research on the Internet using some of the major search engines such as,,, or  Go to the provided search field and type in “online degree paralegal.”  The search engine will conduct the search and return the results to you immediately.  You will receive page after page of institutions offering this type of online course. 

There are some outstanding programs, each with something a little special.  Some may require minimal on-site participation so keep this in mind when researching websites.  In addition, program studies will range in price as well as available financial assistance.  Each website will provide thorough information as well as contact information for a school counselor.  Be sure to determine whether your current credits will transfer and try to work with an institution that will use all or most of those credits to eliminate you having to retake some courses. 

If you have a friend or co-worker who has completed school or is currently taking online classes, ask them where they go, what they like and dislike, and any other beneficial information to get you on your way. 

Following are some outstanding references where you can begin your search:

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